Why it’s time to put yourself first

Kat Horrocks is a woman on a mission; to encourage us all to engage in a little self-care.



Impatience, procrastination and imposter syndrome. Sound familiar? When life gets hectic these three little gremlins (and their friends) love to invade your head space and scupper the best laid plans. It’s so easy to lose sight of yourself and your purpose but it needn’t be this way according to the lovely Kat Horrocks . By embracing the wonder of self-care she firmly believes we can all be living our best lives, especially when it comes to entrepreneurialism.

Kat took time out to share her thoughts on how to silence the negative and embrace the positive.

We all need a Kat in our lives.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name’s Kat, I’m a blogger, coach and podcaster. I’m passionate about empowering women to put themselves first and make time for their personal goals. I support and encourage the women in my community to make time for self-care, set goals and live their life on purpose. As of January 2018, I now work alongside Holly Wood at WeBlogNorth, where I get to support fellow Northern Content Creators.



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“Get nurturing. The world is full of amazing ideas”


With her entrepreneurial hat on we asked Kat to share her thoughts on crappy days, mates and eureka moments…


What is the trick to staying motivated when you have a bad day?

Not beating yourself up, because some days you’re just not feeling it! On those days I embrace the flexibility of being self-employed, and take myself out of the work environment to clear my head. A brisk walk, an hour to myself relaxing, nipping to the shops – something small can take my mind off it, and help me reset and come back feeling much better later on.

Never go into business with friends‘, do you think there is any truth in this or can it be done successfully?

I think in this situation the dynamic of the working relationship has to make sense, and the conditions of the partnership like who does what, money, etc. have to be officially recorded on paper. I’m lucky that Holly and I are friends first, colleagues second – we’re open book, we discuss everything and our differing strengths/weaknesses balance out to be a really great team. It’s all about being on the same page with where the business is going (and where you want it to go!), honesty and ongoing communication to see what’s working, what’s not and how you are supporting each other moving forward.

One of the challenges many of us have is nailing that one brilliant idea that we can transform into a business. Do you think great ideas come in a eureka moment or can they be nurtured and if so how can we get nurturing?

Get nurturing! The world is full of amazing ideas. The difference is, some people take action, some people don’t. My advice would be get moving, forget what it’s ‘supposed’ to look like in your head and allow it to grow and take shape as you continue to take the next step.

What three things can you not do your job without?




  • My Bullet Journal – it’s my notebook full of tasks and to-do’s, and it keeps me sane
  • Asana – it tracks our ongoing projects and makes it super easy to delegate tasks, discuss work and see where everyone’s up to
  • Can I say my fella? He’s not a thing but I’d probably be working 12+ hours a day if he didn’t drag me away from my phone/laptop. He keeps me grounded, which in turn makes me calmer and better at what I do.


How important is a support network when you are doing your own thing and who should these people be?


You have to have a core group of people, even if it’s just 2-3, who you trust, can turn to for sound advice and know they just get it. These people are hard to find, but I’ve found these relationships develop organically if you’re consistently putting yourself out there – getting involved with your niche’s community online and offline, attending events, telling people what you do. Don’t force this kind of relationship, but if you ‘click’ with someone – keep in touch with them, ask them if they wanna grab a coffee, and eventually
you’ll have found ‘your people’.
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“It’s so common to feel the fear when you’re starting a new challenge, so know you’re not alone – but dig deep and crack on regardless of how scary it is.”


We then asked Kat to swap hats (she has alot of hats this one) and asked her about self-care and confidence…


How important is it to practise self-care if you are an entrepreneur or run your own business?

You really can’t afford not to be practising self-care in business. Burnout is real and it can sneak up and bite you on the bum, so you have to create consistent healthy habits that nurture your physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual health. Whether it’s a Sunday evening to pamper yourself, playing on your local sports team on a Saturday morning, or even that 15 minutes in bed every morning drinking your coffee and reading a book – find your self-care ritual, and prioritise it just as you would an important meeting!

Motherhood can have an impact on confidence, what advice would you give to a mum keen to get her mojo back and maybe start something for herself?

I struggle with feeling qualified to advise Mums because I’m not one! But one thing I wish every Mum knew was she’s bloody amazing and doing her very best, and that’s something to be proud of. Also, that doing something for yourself allows you to be a better Mum – if you’re the best version of yourself, that positive energy is present with your family, and they can feel it! It’s not selfish to focus on what you wanna do, and what you need to feel good.

Do you find yourself coaching many fledgling entrepreneurs and are there common themes that come up?

Many budding entrepreneurs struggle with taking brave, bold action I’d say. Accepting that it’s never gonna look perfect, and you really do have to have a go, get your hands dirty and figure it out as you go. Mindset is another huge one – whether it’s perfectionism, imposter syndrome or other confidence issues – know that your product/service is valuable, and learn to own it and pat yourself on the back. It’s so common to feel the fear when you’re starting a new challenge, so know you’re not alone – but dig deep and crack on regardless of how scary it is.

“I’m excited to support more incredible women in my coaching practice this year”

Now a bit more about Kat and what inspires her. Read and copy unquestioningly…


Which books have inspired you recently (fact or fiction and everything inbetween)?

A book that changed the way I look at my work and creativity is ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. I also love ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers. Two must-reads for business owners!

Who do you spend the most time following on social media?

For social media and business stuff, I will always keep up to date with Gary Vaynerchuk. His word is gospel to me when it comes to what’s new and what I should be focusing on. I also love to follow positive female bloggers who are using their platforms for good and raising awareness of body positivity, health and other things women face – Alice Liveing, Grace Victory, Zanna van Dijk, I could go on!
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Who are your heroes and why?

My amazing clients and the women in my community, who continue to take brave, bold action towards their goals and put themselves first every day.


And finally what’s on the horizon for Kat Horrocks, what should we be looking out for in 2018?

So the podcast, Put Yourself First, is my big creative project for 2018. I love it! Look out for lots of exciting guests and weekly inspiration, alongside my blog and video content. I’m also excited to support more incredible women in my coaching practice this year – spaces are limited for 1-on-1 sessions, but I’m always on emails if people have questions. Finally, WeBlogNorth has LOTS of exciting plans this year, and any Northern Bloggers, Vloggers or Creatives reading need to get involved with what’s going on.
Kat x
Inspired much?! If you want to be coached by Kat or just want to keep an eye on what she gets up to in 2018 you can follow her on Instagram, tweet her on Twitter, Like her on Facebook, listen to her on soundcloud and generally check her out here.

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