How love letters paved the way to business success

What started as a thoughtful gift led one creative mum-of-two to her business idea.



If ever there was a reason to finally embark on that craft project you have been threatening to do for 3 years, this is it. For those of you who like to ‘make’ this is a fabulous example of how one crafter grew her good idea into a thriving business (and for those who don’t, it’s next Christmas and mum’s birthday sorted. You’re welcome) Analisa left behind a career in magazines after the increasing popularity of her hand-decorated letters encouraged her to take the leap and launch Love Letters by Analisa.

She juggles this along with raising two children and all her reviews on Etsy say she is efficient, professional and generally really nice to deal with. We like this girl. Here is a peek into her typical day:

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Analisa, I’m 41 and have lived in London my whole life.  I’m married to Bridge and we have two children Scarlett, 4 and Harrison 2.5.  Whist on maternity leave from my job in advertising with Harrison, I started making decorated initials as birthday gifts for friends and family, I got a lot of encouragement to keep going and loved making them, so I decided to take the plunge and make a go of it full-time and handed in my notice at work.


7 am – Alarm goes off and I spend about 15 minutes on my phone checking orders that have come in overnight (I have a lot of American customers), reviewing my Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts and responding to any messages.  Haul myself out of bed, quick shower, get dressed and make a large coffee!
7.40 am – Wake the children up, dress them, make their breakfast and take the eldest to nursery for the day.
9-12pm – Harrison and I will hang out at a playgroup, park or soft play for a few hours.  I try to avoid being on my phone too much as I’m conscious of spending quality time with him, sometimes it’s hard though when I can see notifications popping up – best to keep the phone out of sight!

2018-02-18-PHOTO-00002341Harrison naps so I try to get as much done in those two hours in terms of physically making product and packing them to post out”

12-1pm – Lunchtime for Harrison and I will catch up on the mornings work activities, checking and posting on social media, responding to messages, ordering stock if needs be
1-3pm – Harrison naps so I try to get as much done in those two hours in terms of physically making product and packing them to post out
3.30pm – 5pm – Pick Scarlett up from nursery, we may have a playdate, ballet, or if the weather is good go to the park – always via the post office to post out orders (I feel like the Post Office is my second home!)

f959a31b-151b-4b7a-9327-9a9206669fb4 2

5-7.30pm – Make supper for the kids, often make supper for us so it’s ready for later, run around the flat like a headless chicken, tidying up, getting things ready for the following day, bathing the kids, reading a bedtime story and then praying they go to bed like angels by 7.30pm – normally fail ha!
7.30 – 1am – Work, fit supper in at some point, perhaps try to watch a film or TV series at the same time with one eye so it feels like my husband and I have some time together!! Then collapse into bed and start again the next day!

What three things can you not survive the day without?


  1. Phone – I can run pretty much my whole business from my iPhone – other than physically make products it does everything else!
  2. Coffee – Before kids, it was all green tea, litres of water on my desk and no caffeine, fast forward 4 years and it’s lots of coffee and green tea and water when I remember!
  3. My lovely mum – From home-cooked meals and emergency babysitting when I have a surge of orders that need turning around quickly, to being my Financial Guru for all my accounting needs.  

Analisa x


Phew! Makes me want to go and make something beautiful and drink a vat of coffee. If you like the sound of Analisa’s love letters then check out her Etsy store here.

And follow her story on Instagram, twitter, facebook and joyfully pin your initial to your board on pinterest

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